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What is Neuro Surgery?

Neuro-surgery is a surgery of the nervous system and the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and the treatment of patients with disorders, diseases, injury of the brain, spinal cord or spinal column, and peripheral nerves within all the parts of the human body.  

How does Neuro Surgery work?

The Department of Neuro Surgery in India involves threading a thin tube called an endoscope through the mouth, nose, small incisions in the skull to access or remove brain tissue. The endoscope has a camera and light on its end so that the surgery can be performed with several tools placed through the endoscope.  

What are the Conditions that require Neurosurgery?

The best Neuro Surgeons in India can cure the following conditions: 

What are the forms of brain surgery?

The given below forms of brain surgeries are done in Vijaya Hospital in Bangalore: 

1. Craniotomy

A disc of bone is eliminated from the skull with the help of high speed drill to enable the surgeon to access the brain for surgical repair. 

2. Biopsy

It is an invasive technique that has surgery to eliminate a small sample of brain tissue for the examination using a microscope.

3. Minimally invasive endonasal endoscopic surgery

It is a minimally invasive brain surgery in which a thin, flexible tube of light source along with a camera is threaded with the help of a nose and sinus.

4. Minimally invasive Neuroendoscopy:

It is also a minimally invasive technique using endoscopes for surgery in which the same process of endonasal is provided by small holes into the skull, nose, or mouth.

5. Deep brain stimulation

It is a process in which implanting electrodes is happened within certain areas of the brain. Such electrodes creates electrical impulses that regulate abnormal impulses and further affect certain cells and chemicals within the brain.

What precautions should be taken after brain surgery?

The following are the precautions that you need to take after brain surgery in Bangalore: 

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