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What is ENT?

ENT is a branch of medicine providing for ear, nose, and throat disorders including head and neck complaints. Besides, for surgeries, advanced equipment, microscopes, endoscopes, and carbon dioxide laser is basically used by ENT doctors in India along with the facilities of TV monitoring and video recording of surgical procedures. 

How does ENT treatment works?

The patient will be treated for certain conditions that affect the senses such as hearing & balance disorders, voice issues, breathing problems, swallowing problems or smell and taste problems. The ENT department in India also contains a wide range of operations as per the condition of patients.  

What are the services under ENT?

What are the various surgical procedure for middle ear and mastoid surgeries? 

Following are the various ENT surgical procedures in India: 

What are the facilities that we are providing in ENT?

These are the special facilities that we are offering under ENT department in Bangalore: 

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