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Vijaya Emergency Ambulance Services

Book Vijaya Emergency Ambulance Services anytime, 24/7 and have patients transported across the nation without compromising safety and efficiency.

Ambulance Services Provided by Vijaya Multispeciality Hospital

Basic Ambulance

The Basic Ambulance is used to carry patients who require normal medical transportation. It includes a patient bed, pulse oximetry, and oxygen delivery equipment.

Neonatal Ambulance

The Neonatal Ambulance is used to transport premature and sick babies to ensure they can be relocated quickly in the right place for further treatment.

ICU Ambulance

The ICU Ambulance is used to transport patients who require a high level of care, a heart monitor, and/or a ventilator during transport. Along with the necessary equipment, it is staffed by a paramedic and a doctor.

How it Works

Connect with us on our Helpline Number.

Inform us what kind of ambulance service you need.

Mention the destination where the patient needs to be transported.

After finalising the quote, your ambulance is ready to go.